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Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) takes a 360° holistic approach to community safety through programs delivered by our trained and dedicated volunteers. We are committed to supporting community safety and public awareness while aligning with the goals of our community partners.


SCPS is a committed partner in the enhancement of community safety in the City of Surrey.


Informally organized in 1981 and incorporated as a registered, non-profit society in 1984, the Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to crime prevention and public safety. The Society is governed by an elected Board of Directors within the terms of the SCPS Constitution and By-Laws. Funding is derived from government grants and corporate partnerships as well as business and individual tax-deductible donations.



As a not-for-profit organization in Surrey, SCPS is a volunteer-based organization responsible for the delivery of community safety programs throughout communities in the City. Volunteers observe and report on a variety of issues throughout Surrey and share this information with respective community partners.  Volunteers support a variety of other activities and programs throughout the City of Surrey.


Surrey Crime Prevention Society aligns its goals of the Society with the City of Surrey and other community partners.  All activities performed by our volunteers are measured using an Outcomes Measure Framework capturing relevant data outlining the success of our programs. 


The Covid-19 pandemic brought challenges to many organizations including ours. We briefly put our programs on hold for the safety of our volunteers and staff and, after careful review, we introduced strict Covid-19 safety protocols to accommodate the safety of our volunteers while supporting programs in Surrey. 

Throughout 2020, our volunteers supported our many programs while developing strong alliances with our community partners to ensure a cohesive approach to public safety. With the support of our amazing staff and volunteers, we have successfully delivered community safety programs resulting in superior outcomes. The goals of SCPS are aligned with the goals of our community partners resulting in a comprehensive and cohesive commitment to a safe and livable community.

Over the past six years, 2,357 volunteers generously contributed 159,800 hours of service, delivering a variety of community safety programs throughout Surrey. It is with tremendous pride and gratitude we celebrate the accomplishments of our amazing volunteers and dedicated staff. Our volunteers continue to deliver exceptional results while supporting our community safety programs. Ensuring our volunteers achieve excellence through personal and professional growth is a tremendous honor to witness. These individuals move onto careers in public service achieving the ultimate milestone, with this year being no exception. 

Thank you to our valued sponsors, community partners, and members who recognize the commitment of our volunteers and staff. Working in collaboration with the City of Surrey has enabled us to maximize our opportunities by aligning our resources to support the goals of the City. We continue to identify new opportunities working with Surrey Schools and other community partners to support youth.

Karen Reid Sidhu, Executive Director



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