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Surrey Crime Prevention Society is dedicated to fostering community safety and well-being by adopting a comprehensive 360° holistic approach. Through the tireless efforts of our trained and passionate youth volunteers, we strive to create safer neighborhoods, enhance public awareness, and cultivate positive partnerships within our community. Our commitment lies in aligning our actions with the shared objectives of our valued community partners as we work together to build a safer and more secure future for all.


Surrey Crime Prevention Society is an unwavering and trusted ally, leading the charge in elevating community safety within the diverse City of Surrey. We aspire to be the cornerstone of safety initiatives, pioneering innovative solutions, and fostering a united community that thrives in a secure environment. Our vision is a Surrey where every resident feels safe, supported, and empowered to contribute to a harmonious and prosperous community.


Informally organized in 1981 and incorporated as a registered, non-profit society in 1984, the Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to crime prevention and public safety. The Society is governed by an elected Board of Directors within the terms of the SCPS Constitution and By-Laws. Funding is derived from government grants and corporate partnerships as well as business and individual tax-deductible donations.



As a not-for-profit organization in Surrey, SCPS is a volunteer-based organization responsible for the delivery of community safety programs throughout communities in the City. Our volunteers observe and report on a variety of issues throughout Surrey and share this information with respective community partners.  Volunteers support a variety of other activities and programs throughout the City of Surrey.


Surrey Crime Prevention Society aligns its goals of the Society with the City of Surrey and other community partners.  All activities performed by our volunteers are measured using an Outcomes Measure Framework capturing relevant data outlining the success of our programs. 




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