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Surrey Crime Prevention Society Volunteers

Newton | Downtown | Fleetwood | Guildford | South Surrey | Cloverdale Clayton Heights


The focus of the Community Safety Tours is to be part of the solution with volunteers observing and reporting suspicious activity throughout the City of Surrey. This program supports our community partners and stakeholders enhancing community safety in the City of Surrey.

The Community Safety volunteers tour shopping centres, local parks, transit hubs, recreation centres, libraries and properties in and around these areas.

Volunteers are trained to observe and report resulting in a more efficient use of community resources. Volunteers tour on foot and bicycles throughout communities in the City of Surrey.

Our volunteers work with the community partners, resulting in community enhancement with an increased number of suspicious activities being identified and reported. Volunteers also conduct public awareness and education campaigns and perform vehicle audits in parking lots to raise awareness about the risks of leaving things in your vehicle. Volunteers contribute significantly towards the enhancement of community safety.


South Surrey

Cloverdale Clayton Heights


Downtown Surrey


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