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Our Civic Pride program is generously

supported by a grant from the City of Surrey 

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City of Surrey
Envision Financial

SCPS in partnership with Surrey and Delta Schools introduced a program called Surrey Civic Pride. This program engages Grade 7 students in elementary schools. This unique program engages these students with the support of volunteers from Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) through interactive activities that emphasize the importance of positive choices. The goal of this project is for Grade 7 students to understand of the importance of civic pride and community engagement. 

This program engages students in elementary schools to support their understanding of making positive choices and the value of being part of their communities. The program teaches students the importance of civic pride through mentorship from SCPS volunteers. Volunteers share their experiences about what civic pride means to them and how their actions in the community reflect this.

Students participate through interactive traffic safety activities that include awareness around distracted driving, speed watch and pedestrian safety. These activities teach students the value of taking an active role in their personal safety as well as how they are supporting the safety of those in their communities. Surrey Schools are always looking for innovative ways to engage youth at an earlier age to more effectively divert them from negative behaviour. Developing civic pride through volunteering is an opportunity for youth to focus on creating positive change within their communities, all while learning the importance of giving back. This program provides youth with an opportunity to experience an inclusive and positive form of participation while receiving guidance and support through the mentorship of SCPS volunteers. SCPS Volunteers are prime examples of individuals who embody civic pride in the City of Surrey.


We would like to thank and acknowledge the City of Surrey and
Envision Financial for their generous funding so we may continue
to engage Grade 6 & 7 students throughout the City of Surrey.

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