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Our LIFT High School program is generously

supported by a grant from the City of Surrey 

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This program was introduced to meet the needs of the students who require work experience hours to graduate. Currently there are no other programs offered where students receive such a comprehensive experience delivering community safety programs.


Students will be encouraged to continue volunteering with our Society once they have completed the program. Our community safety programs are delivered throughout communities in Surrey with the support of volunteers.


Career Education Dept. Head

"The experience with SCPS has been incredible. Several students have stayed long beyond their 100 hours needed for Work Experience credit, and have continued to volunteer for the society. Students learn real skills, and they can use this experience to enhance their resumes, whether they go into policing or not. I have had students who were at a bit of a crossroads in life ….on the edge of being a good citizen or being someone allured by unsavory people. These students have not only been successful at the society, but they have been successful in life and made the right choices."

Coast Capital
Coast Capital

SCPS recently introduced the SURREY L.I.F.T. HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAM made possible through funding from Coast Capital Savings Credit Union – Community Funding and THE VANCOUVER TELUS COMMUNITY BOARD.

This program works with high school students in Surrey and Delta in Grades 10 – 12. These students are offered a unique well rounded experience that includes participating in an office environment, Surrey Traffic Safety Public Awareness, Surrey Community Safety Tours and Surrey Special Events. Students who participate with this program will receive comprehensive training outlining the roles and responsibilities in the community and how their participation contributes towards the enhancement of community safety in the City of Surrey. Upon completion of the program, an evaluation will take place with the students. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion from SCPS.

…“There is a huge need for Work Experience placement opportunities for students who want a career in law enforcement. Every year we have students who are interested in Law and Criminology and we struggle to find quality placements like what Surrey Crime Prevention offers to students. The fact that your program is hands-on, working with professionals, and activities are within the students own community gives them invaluable insight and experience into their desired future profession and how law-enforcement benefits the community. There are no other organizations that offer this type of program to high school students”. 

Surrey Crime Prevention Society is dedicated to the enhancement of community safety in the City of Surrey and has developed strong partnerships with community partners. Staff and volunteers working with high school students received enhanced security clearance and completed a comprehensive mentorship and leadership training program designed specifically for high school students including youth at risk.


Staff and volunteers involved in this program are university educated and have received training to meet the needs of the program.

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