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Karen Sidhu Surrey Crime Prevention Society Member


Executive Director

Karen is a senior development and community safety professional with over 35 years of experience spearheading projects within the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors. She brings solid relationships with local communities, government, and private industry.

Karen identified common values and interests, generating active and enthusiastic participation with community partners in her roles with Fortis BC, ICBC, and with two national charities. Her creative ideas and concepts were launched into actionable and measurable campaigns and projects, resulting in increased public safety and awareness and revenue streams that achieved or surpassed all goals both regionally and nationally.

Karen is the former Chair of the Board of Trustees with Surrey Libraries. She is sits on the Transit Police Chiefs Community Council and was former Chair. Karen also received BCLTA Trustee of the Year and recently received the distinguished "Outstanding Canadian" award (one of 15 recipients in Canada).  She is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business in Sales and Marketing Management, and holds a designation as a Certified Marketing Executive. Karen also studied Public Relations at the University of Victoria.  Karen joined Surrey Crime Prevention Society as the Executive Director in 2012.



Manager of Operations & Human Resources

Aman Badesha was born and raised in Surrey B.C. She studied at the British Columbia Institute Of Technology (BCIT) and received her Associate certificate in Human Resources. She graduated from BCIT in December of 2021, with a strong foundation in HR principles and practices and is excited to contribute to the field of Human Resources, making a positive impact with Surrey Crime Prevention Society.


In addition to her wealth of knowledge, Aman is prepared to make a difference in the community and work with the #GreenTeam to support community enhancement throughout Surrey. Applying her understanding of HR fundamentals including recruitment and training, employee relations, compensation and benefits, labour relations, and HR law and policies, Aman is committed to continuously learn and grow within the HR profession. 


During her free time, Aman finds great joy in being outdoors and taking her dog out for walks.



Manager of Volunteer Resources

Tejvir is a graduate from the Criminology program at Simon Fraser University and is pursuing a career in law enforcement. In his free time, Tejvir enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle, challenging himself in different ways, and being outdoors. As SCPS' Manager of Volunteer Resources, and resident of Surrey, Tejvir aims to raise community awareness and motivate others into serving the communities in which they live in.


Furthermore, Tejvir hopes to increase safety in the City of Surrey while meeting new people and getting their perspectives on life.



Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist

A graduate from Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Bachelor of Business Administration: Marketing Management program, André has served as SCPS’ Marketing & Sponsorship Specialist since February 2023. André joined the SCPS team due to his love for Surrey, as well as his desire to give back to his community.

Additionally, André has utilized his educational background to develop applicable marketing strategies to increase engagement and drive more traffic to SCPS’ media channels and content. He is also very passionate about bettering his local community’s safety by drawing from his professional, academic, and volunteering experiences. André enjoys reading, exercising outdoors, and the occasional video game or three.

Darren Brierley Surrey Crime Prevention Society


Senior Community Safety Specialist

Darren is currently a student in his final term at KPU where he is pursuing a B.A. in Criminology.  After graduation, Darren aspires to work with either the RCMP or a municipal agency as a police constable. 


Darren started with the Surrey Crime Prevention Society as a volunteer in early 2019 and has participated in many of the programs offered.  On his days off, Darren enjoys spending time outdoors with his friends and family and loves watching movies.



Community Safety Specialist

Manjodh is currently a student at the Justice Institute of British Columbia enrolled in the Law Enforcement Studies program and is pursuing a career in the public service field. His passion for public safety and service led him to volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention Society, where he was eventually hired as a Community Safety Specialist and is currently fulfilling his role as a Coordinator for the Citizen’s Community Safety Watch Program.


Manjodh hopes to make a positive impact within his community while gaining valuable experiences and skills in the field that can be applied to a career in law enforcement. In his free time, Manjodh likes going to the gym, playing sports, learning about history and current events, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Community Safety Specialist

Deepa is currently a student at Simon Fraser University majoring in Criminology. He hopes to pursue a career as a police officer in the future and is currently working towards that goal. 

Deepa has been working since he was sixteen years of age and has enjoyed having a full work load successfully managing school and work. Deepa played rugby throughout high school, but now has a focus of preparing physically by attending the gym to prepare for the physical requirements for his future career goals. Exercising has played a major role in his life, allowing him to become more disciplined while focusing on health. 



Community Safety Specialist

Arjun has been a volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention since June 2022 and was

hired as a Community Safety Specialist during the early months of 2023. Arjun is extremely

passionate about giving back to his community with the hopes of pursuing a career in public service. Arjun has been serving his community for multiple years starting with an

RCMP Program and then transitioning over to Surrey Crime Prevention.


Arjun has been involved with key programs like the Iris Program with the RCMP and by working with SCPS, he hopes to further his knowledge and tools to ultimately give back to a great city. Arjun Is currently studying at Simon Fraser University in a Bachelor's program.

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Community Safety Specialist

Ravneet graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Criminology in 2022. Excited for what the future holds, Ravneet is enjoying gaining experience and knowledge while working towards ensuring community safety. Surrey is where she was born, where she went to school, and where she plans to continue working and giving back to the community. One day, Ravneet hopes to use her expertise from Surrey Crime Prevention Society and apply these skills at a larger scale for the CBSA. 


Aside from work and school, Ravneet enjoys chasing sunsets, satisfying her sweet tooth, spending time with family and friends, and trying new things. 

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Community Safety Specialist

Inderjit has been a volunteer with Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) since May 2021 where he has supported community safety programs & initiatives with community partners. His most fulfilling role has been as a Mentor through the Community Safety Youth Mentorship Program, providing mentorship to vulnerable youth. Inderjit is passionate about making his community a safer place and believes that SCPS is a great way to instill a sense of civic pride in the community and inspire youth to positive action.


Inderjit is currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree and has experience in healthcare security along with volunteering experience for other organizations. He hopes to use his experience to enhance safety in the City and make valuable connections with community partners. 



Community Safety Specialist

Gurpie is a dedicated and ambitious individual currently in his second year of studying Criminology, with a strong passion for law enforcement. He has actively contributed to his community by volunteering with SCPS before joining as a community safety specialist. Gurpie’s commitment to making a positive impact and ensuring the safety of residents drives his pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Through his academic endeavors and hands-on experience, he is acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively contribute to the field. 

Outside of his studies and work, Gurpie engages in activities that keep him physically and mentally active. His unwavering dedication to creating a safer environment reflects his constant effort to make a meaningful difference in his community.



Community Safety Specialist

Gurbakhsh is a student currently enrolled in college working towards a degree in Addictions and Community Service. He has demonstrated a commitment to helping those in the community volunteering his time as a Child and Youth Care Worker with Surrey Schools and has an aspiration to become a Safe Schools Liaison or a Substance Use Liaison in the future.


Gurbakhsh is dedicated to always lending assistance wherever possible to the community, with a goal to make it a safe environment for everyone. Outside of school and work Gurbakhsh loves to play sports, be outside, and spend time with family and friends.



Community Safety Specialist

Gursharn is currently pursuing his studies at Kwantlen Polytechnic University with the objective of graduating from the Criminology program. Gursharn aims to leverage the extensive experience and skills he has accumulated from his six years of volunteering with Surrey Crime Prevention Society to pursue a career in law enforcement. Initially, he joined Surrey Crime Prevention Society due to his passion and commitment to support his community's safety and well-being.


Thanks to his participation in SCPS' countless programs, events, and projects over the years, Gursharn has developed meaningful connections, built up his personal confidence, and enhanced his communication & leadership abilities. Gursharn lives life to the fullest by pursuing physical fitness and mental conditioning, which are activities that are inspired by his loving mother and grandmother. In his spare time, Gursharn finds enjoyment in writing poetry/rap lyrics, working out, and going on peaceful walks with his family.


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